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Totally Random First Thoughts
What are your first thoughts to these?
CheeseIn Keeping Secrets Of Silent E - Coheed In Cambria
George W. BushThus From My Lips, By Yours, My Sin Is Purged - as cities burn
Mercedes-BenzDaysleeper - REM
SexFour Letter Words - One Hit Wonder
ComputersThe Bottom Line - Depeche Mode
SunglassesWait - Huffamoose
BlondesMexican Lap Dance - Neoteny
Vinyl recordsThe National Anthem - Radiohead
WiiLove - Screeching Weasel
Hot TopicLeit af lifi - Sigur Ros
Contact lensesHey Girl - OAR
OzoneDestined for Nothing - Bad Religion
United States Postal ServiceEverything We Are - The Shore
MesotheliomaPunk Rock Princess - Something Corporate
Digital camerasBoredome Zone - Mr T Experience
Osama bin LadenEven Flow - Pearl Jam
SchoolShine - David Gray
WinterBukowski - Modest Mouse
MicrosoftYou Gave Your Love To Me Softly - Weezer
ChickenElectrolite - REM
SpidersPerfect G - Actionslacks
Country musicLast Kiss - Pearl Jam
Water gunsPay The Man - the Offspring
MirrorsPlanet Caravan - Pantera
TextbooksLeaving Here - Pearl Jam
ReligionSometimes I Do - Social Distortion
Wi-FiThe Disintegrators - Megadeth
Bugs BunnyWhiners and Losers - One Hit Wonder
iPodLookin' In - Bad Religion
ThongsOf The Girl - Pearl Jam
George WashingtonOnly the Young - Journey
ThunderstormsA Favor House Atlantic - Coheed In Cambria
Lava lampsTrue Faith - New Order
Roofing tarHold Me - Weezer
TexasPleasure, Little Treasure - Depeche Mode
CellophaneEchodyne Harmonic - Sparta
NinjasBetter Than You - Metallica
PikachuMorning Bell - Radiohead
National Rifle AssociationPossum Kingdom - Toadies
CowsOld Glory - Guttermouth
AIDSShout - Tears for Fears
Cargo shortsI Want It All - Depeche Mode
TamponsBlind - Face to Face
LaddersHaushinka - Green Day
Online shoppingLook My Way - Sprung Monkey
Arrested DevelopmentStruck A Nerve - Bad Religion
UV raysBaudelaire - Trail of Dead
BarbieDig You Grave - Modest Mouse
Nasal hairAnyway - Pitty Sing
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May 2008

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